Board Mandate

Club Objectives

Providing vision, leadership, coordination and direction for all participants and volunteers, with a commitment to deliver a superior basketball experience for the youth of Burlington.

The elected Board of Directors objectives will be centered around:

Participation – delivering programs that increase opportunities for basketball involvement at all levels throughout Burlington.

Safety and Fun – providing a safe, secure, accessible, non-threatening and enjoyable environment in which to participate.

Player Development – programs that help identify, develop and train athletes and leaders under the long-term athlete development model (LTAD) for higher levels of competition at school and in regional and provincial competition.

Personal Growth – striving to develop the student athlete through a positive team experience centered around building self-esteem, confidence, responsibility and leadership skills for life.

Superior Coaching – teams led by experienced, certified Coaches with a passion for the game and a commitment to the physical, emotional and social development of youth.

Accountability – operating under a sound business framework and committed to the principles of good governance in a transparent, member-based association.

Community Partnerships – engaging a broad cross section of stakeholders and sponsorships celebrating the achievements of young student athletes.