Steve Nash Youth Basketball

Steve Nash Youth Basketball – SNYB




SNYB is for boys and girls ages 5-7 (born 2009-2011).

Steve Nash Youth Basketball is a national youth basketball initiative designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love for the game of basketball. This grassroots program supports and empowers community-based recreational groups and facilities, schools and other institutions across Canada in an effort to positively influence youth through basketball. The goal of the program is to allow participants the opportunity to maximize their potential, while promoting the importance of youth basketball as a vehicle to build character, discipline and self-esteem.

The model for Steve Nash Youth Basketball was established after extensive research of existing community basketball programs from across North America. It follows the guidelines of Sport For Life’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD), and develops basic movements skills and physical literacy.  The program also teaches “life skills” such as fair play, teamwork, commitment, and self confidence, while developing basketball specific skills, fostering friendships and promoting fair play.  It’s a fun-filled 90 minutes of movement, games and basketball.  Kids love it, and so do parents, as they quickly recognize that this is a quality program, and they see rapid growth and improvements in skills and focus.