NBA BANTAM Boys (Ages 12-13)


Bantam Boys (ages 12-13) (grade 7,8)



The NBA program is a house league program for boys 10 – 16 years old.

It requires a commitment of one practice and one game each week, over the course of a 14 – 16 week season.   A full 1.5 hour practice each week will ensure that skills can develop, while allowing players the opportunity to apply their developing skills in a friendly competition in a true game format.  Volunteer coaches will have an opportunity to attend coaching clinics offered by Club Head Coach Matt Donnelly and Basketball Ontario LF/Coach Evaluator Jeff Boelhouwer.  Fair play, teamwork and individual skills we be targeted for improvement, as coaches work to create lasting friendships, memories and a positive experience for all.

Each successive year will build on fundamentals learned at earlier ages, but athletes can “jump” into the continuum at any time with no specific basketball experience.  Opportunities to “catch up” on skills missed or lacking are always available.

By playing a game every Tuesday, and then practicing the following Saturday, players are able to make mistakes on game night, identify them in order to work on solutions at practice and then repeat the process the following week.  This is ideal for building self-confidence and learning how practice can make you better at anything.


NBA Bantam Program Highlights:

  • 14 to 16 week program
  • Bantam DivisionLove_This_Game
    • 8-10 Teams Per Division
    • Maximum 10 Players Per Team
    • Registration is capped
  • 2 times a week with one practice slot (on Saturdays between 9:00-4:30) and one game slot (on Tuesday nights 6:30-8:00 or 8:00-9:30 pm. )
  • Mandatory Player evaluations to help determine adequate skill level and balanced teams
  • Man to Man Defense Rules ensure Offensive Skill development of “ALL SIZE” players
  • Fair Playing Time ensures player development opportunities and encourages practice participation
  • Skills Events and Optional Skills Clinics Offered
  • Custom Jersey  and Regulation Ball included with Registration
  • Official Ontario Basketball Approved Officials (the same ones you see at school and REP games)
  • Trophies and Awards
  • Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy for Players, Volunteers and Parents
  • Teams assembled by a confidential draft system overseen by the coaches.