SNYB Parent Testimonials

“Great program.  Troy LOVED it.  We will be signing up for more.  Coach was fantastic.  Great management of the kids.”  Jane Tumbin


“This program has been great.  Parker loves playing and has so much fun here.  We are looking forward to future sessions and camps.  Thanks.”  David Creed


“Excellent program.  Jeff’s temperament, patience and control were much appreciated.  Thank you!”  Paul Moore


“Great Program.  Great Coach.  Great Development Sequence.”  Greg Kay


“My son enjoyed his time and learned new skills.  I would sign him up again.”  Emily


“Awesome.  What  great program.  Thanks so much Jeff”.  Phil/Tara Johnson (Bennett)


“We’re really grateful for the experiences, team-building and positivity that this has provided Jane.  Thanks for all that you’ve done.”  Lindsay Hewitt


“Coach Jeff is phenomenal with the kids… my son thoroughly enjoyed the program, and learned the skills taught.  His passion and knowledge of the game makes him a very effective instructor.  I wasn’t just basketball… also taught them life skills.  Great rapport with the kids and parents.  Highly recommend the program.  Thanks Jeff.”  Gino Camilletti


“Jeff is an excellent coach.  We are very fortunate to have a resource like him in the city of Burlington.”  Steve Bown


“This is the 3rd session for both of my kids.  They loved coming every week and the skill improvement and progression has been amazing to watch.  Thank you coach Jeff.”  Lia Byrnes