Playing basketball is often thought of as a fun way to get active and have a good time with friends. In Canada, youth basketball is on the rise. Perhaps it’s a combination of the enormous success of our World Champion Toronto Raptors, and the fact that basketball is truly an international sport. No matter who comes to call Canada home, they’re likely basketball fans.

Basketball is exciting to both watch and play. It’s no wonder why it’s a top sport that kids choose to play for that reason alone, plus these ones (parents love them, too)!

Why kids love basketball

At Burlington Basketball, our mission is to promote the game and provide opportunities for youth in the community to participate. Learn about all our programs – for boys and girls – to find the one for your child!

There are many reasons that kids love to play basketball. Whether their focus is to master their skills and work their way onto a select team or just play house leagues and have fun with their friends, playing basketball is fun for kids of all ages.

1. Form some great friendships

One of the best perks to joining a basketball team is the ability to form some very solid friendships with teammates. When kids play together, practice together and ride the bus to offsite games together, they are given the opportunity to create some lifelong bonds with their fellow players.

2. Be a part of a team

Sports like basketball are a great outlet for kids to learn the benefits of being part of a team. Teammates learn how to reach a goal together and learn that they can rely on each other both on and off the court.

3. Feed their competitive side

There’s no denying the competitive nature of team sports. If your child likes to be a part of competitions and savours that side of the game, trying out for a select team might be the perfect goal.

4. They feel like they’ve accomplished something

When a player makes a basket, nails a great play they learned in practice or finally masters a complex skill that they’ve been working on, the feeling of accomplishment can’t be beat.

5. It can reduce stress and anxiety

Playing an active sport can help kids to lower stress levels and work off anxiety, allowing them to work better during class time, relate better to classmates, sleep better at night and improve their overall grades.

6. Have fun!

Maybe the most motivating thing about playing basketball or any other sport is the fun kids have when playing. Whether they are making great plays, hanging out with their friends on the bench and after the game or shooting hoops on the driveway during days off, there are so many ways that kids will have fun.

Parents love basketball, too

If you are a parent that cheers from the bench or one that just drops your kids off before court time and lets them have fun with friends, these benefits are sure to be noticed.

7. Improved health and fitness

While health and fitness may not be something that drives kids to love basketball right now, it’s certainly something they’ll be thankful for as they grow. For now, it’s a benefit that parents can be thankful for!

8. Time away from screens

With modern day activities centering more and more around screens like tablets, phones, computers and TV screens, the regular break from screen time to get active with friends on a basketball court is a great benefit.

9. They learn discipline

Being a part of a basketball team means having a coach there to help your player stick to a routine. Regular practices, game day requirements, skill building activities and goal setting are all part of a solid basketball routine.

10. Their studies might improve

Playing sports has been shown to help students maintain and improve academic skills as well. When the ability to stay on the team hinges on them maintaining good grades in all classes, students are often more motivated to ensure their marks hold steady. Expending energy on the court can also help kids to sleep better, pay better attention in class and focus on their schoolwork.

Feed their love of the game

One of the best things you can do for your child is to help feed their love of sports. If they love playing basketball, soccer, football or another team sport, making time for kids to hone their skills and maintain their love of the game has benefits in many areas of life. Whether they join a house league team or try out for a select level team, their love of basketball is sure to have positive effects for their whole life.