It’s time for basketball! After a fun filled summer of hanging out with friends, relaxing at the outdoor ball court and forgetting that homework is a thing, heading back to school in September can be a stressful time for children. Suddenly all the freedom of summer is merely a memory, and their course load has them feeling all the inevitable pressures of deadlines and teacher/parent expectations (not to mention social life pressures). For many kids, unfortunately, feeling stress an anxiety is a reality.

The Good News – It’s Basketball Season!

But the good news is that heading back to school means it’s also time for basketball season to start back up again! Not only does playing a sport help kids forget about school pressures for a bit, it can also help decrease stress hormone levels, making school more mentally manageable.

So pack up your backpack with all of those new school supplies, dust of your running shoes, and head into the gym to get signed up for this years house league season!

Why is basketball good for stress?

Not only does exercise generally improve physical and mental fitness, it can also help reduce stress levels and improve the social aspects of being a kid. And I’m sure there’s no argument that assignment due dates and school yard pressures can bring a certain level of stress to kids!

Regular exercise has been shown to produce endorphins- which basically serve to help dim the effects of stress on the body- and improve sleep quality as well as decrease tension, elevate moods, and improve self esteem.

Enrolling in team sports can especially help some youth to lessen the feelings of stress. This is likely because team sports provide opportunities to bond with other kids and their coaches and offers a way to feel a connection to their school.

House leagues are fun for all ages and skill levels!

Did you know that Burlington Basketball has the largest house league program in Halton Region and area? It’s for boys and girls of all ages from primary grades through to high school. Get in the game with us!

Participating in house league programs is a great way for kids to get started or return to basketball and enjoy the benefits that exercise can offer. House league basketball leagues suit all skill levels, so there’s no pressure to meet any try out requirements. With teams for both boys, girls and co-ed, there is a place for every child!

The goal of house league basketball is to provide kids with a way to learn new skills, benefit from exercise and give them a safe place to work off stress while building confidence that can carry over to all areas of their lives. The competition is much lower than in our rep teams, so the kids won’t feel added stress when they join the team.

Step up your game with rep teams

If they’ve already been playing basketball for a few years and have a solid skill base, they might be interested in trying out for competitive rep teams. This will help them focus on improving their skills and give them the opportunity to play a high tiered level of ball.

This Fall, Play Basketball!

As your kids get started back at school this fall and are looking for a way to manage some of the stress that school can bring on, have them come out and give basketball a try! Whether they’ve never played before or they’re nearly an on-court prodigy, we’ve got a program that is perfect for them.