School is in! Getting back into the swing of school life can be a stressful time for kids. After 2 months of no homework, early morning schedule or expectations from teachers, the start of school can bring stress and anxiety. Helping kids learn how to cope with that stress can be difficult, but sports can be a great solution! Team sports like basketball can not only help relieve stress but it can also teach kids ways to cope with stress and anxiety, and help improve their overall health.

Playing sports is a great way to curb student stress

Sports help promote better sleep

After a day at school where kids are mostly seated, having time to exercise and tire out their body can help them to relax and be ready for a good sleep at night. Sleep has been shown to be connected to overall feelings of well being. Losing out on sleep can make a child irritable, anxious and restrict concentration and focus.

Sports help improve socialization

When kids play sports, especially team sports like basketball, they have the opportunity to make friends with kids with similar interests. This helps kids feel socially accepted and helps them relate to each other and feel motivated to work together to reach common goals.

Did you know Burlington Basketball has year-round basketball programming. From fun house league play to FORCE competitive rep teams, it’s a great way for boys and girls to play and relieve stress!

Playing sports stimulates the production of endorphins

Participating in physical activities like sports helps to stimulate the bodies production of neurotransmitters called endorphins. These chemicals have mood boosting properties, so are beneficial to kids who are feeling stressed out. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘runner’s high’, this endorphin-fueled mood boost is responsible for it.

Sports help increases self-esteem

Improving a child’s self esteem can help reduce their levels of stress. Being confident in their strengths and abilities helps kids cope with the increased levels of stress that a new school year can bring. Participating in team sports like basketball can teach players to be more confident in themselves as they learn to work together and support each other both on and off the court.

Playing sports can also help to boost their self-image, as being active generally promotes having a healthy lifestyle and maintaining physical fitness. Having a healthy body encourages kids to feel good about how they look and feel day to day.

Sports can provide distraction

When kids are feeling stress at school, sometimes the best way to handle it is to get their minds off of it for awhile. Diving into a practice or a game and giving them a different goal to focus on- even just for an hour or 2- can help their other problems seem less severe and difficult to handle.

Good and Bad Stress

You may be thinking that sports also create stress on a child, which can be true. Stress isn’t all bad though. Some stress can be good for us…and stressing physically with sports means you’re exercising! Not to mention, feeling stress and learning coping techniques is a life skill that will benefit kids their whole life.

Positive stress can come from challenging oneself. Participating in a sport that is enjoyable but encourages kids to reach new goals and push themselves out of their comfort zone can create stress that gives them energy and makes them feel good.

Basketball is a great sport for students to play!

Team sports are a great way to help kids cope with and relieve stress on many levels. From providing feel good energy boosts to teaching mindset methods, getting out on the court is a natural stress reliever that makes starting a new school year feel less intimidating.