When most people think about exercise and working out, they need some help getting motivated (or get a push!). The best way to go about staying fit is to find a form of exercise that doesn’t feel like work — so choose something you would enjoy, like basketball. Whatever you do, avoid making the mistake of putting yourself in a position where you end up avoiding exercise because you only associate it with being bored, feeling lousy, and having a hard time. Exercise should feel like play, not a hardship.

Why Basketball?

Here are some of the many reasons why basketball is an absolutely amazing way to work out and stay healthy for everyone from children to adults.

Burning calories like crazy is a big benefit of playing basketball

The cool thing about this game for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight is that it burns a lot of calories — this is largely because of the amount of running that one does during a typical game. For example, a person who weighs 150 pounds (about 69 kilograms) can burn as much as 272 calories in a 30-minute game. This makes it a great way to stay fit for a lifetime.

There are options for kids and adults

Basketball is a great team sport for kids since they’ll learn the value of teamwork, that hard work and persistence pays off, and that the game isn’t all about winning (but about how you play it)! By the time your child has reached the age of five years, they’re old enough to learn how to play the game in a house league program.

Adults enjoy the feeling of community they get from playing regularly, the formation of new friendships, and the improvements in fitness that basketball leads to.

Players will never run out of ways to challenge themselves in a game. Once you master running and dribbling the ball, you can work on passing techniques. And of course, there’s always the fun of perfecting your skills at scoring a basket. Learn to bounce it in off the backboard, and how to perfect your aim until you’re regularly hearing the satisfying swoosh of another perfect shot.

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The game can be as formal or informal as you want

Some people like the thrill of organized competition, others prefer a casual, relaxed atmosphere where the score doesn’t matter. Choose the format that appeals to you the most since that makes it more likely you’ll enjoy playing over the long term.

Enjoy basketball for life

Basketball is one of the best sports there is. Because it’s not a high contact sport (like football, for example) the risk of injury is kept down. It’s something you can practice on your own (ex. shooting hoops on your driveway) or with a group (ex. formal or informal matches). And the cost of equipment is minimal since all you really need is a good pair of basketball shoes. No matter what age you are, you’ll be able to use this game to stay fit, challenge yourself, make new friends, and have a lot of fun.