When looking for a basketball program for kids, there are a number of different things to look for to ensure you get the best program for your child. It’s easy to choose a program based on location, but that’s not the most important factor when considering a basketball program. Here we’ll talk about a number of different factors to consider when deciding on the right program for your kids.

Look for a Basketball Organization that will meet YOUR Child’s Needs…

Age based programs

Age isn’t the most important factor when choosing a basketball program, but it definitely is something to consider. After all, your 14 year old might not get the same learning experience if he’s in a class with 6 year olds. Ideally you want a program that works with kids of multiple age groups, but that separates kids based on age and skill level so that all participants are at generally the same place.

Skill level based programs

Grouping kids according to skill level means that the coach is able to focus on teaching kids that are all around the same skill level, instead of having to possibly repeat for some kids, and go too advanced for others.

A program that balances fun and learning

One of the most important factors in choosing a program that your child is going to want to stick with is how well they balance fun and learning. Kids are less likely to want to continue if they aren’t having much fun while learning and improving skills. Making friends is also imperative, as that’s going to be a large draw for continuing the basketball program.

Offer programs for both boys and girls- separate and mixed

A good basketball program will offer programs for both sexes- and ideally offer both mixed lessons, and gender specific. Most programs start kids off in a co-ed camp, then as they get older they will separate into gender-specific programs.

Builds confidence

Confidence is key with any sport. If the program doesn’t empower the athlete to feel confident when they’re playing, they’re less inclined to feel motivated to continue, and to want to learn new skills.

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Length of the program offerings

You may think that you’re just choosing a program for the current year, but really you want to look for something that spans several years so you know your child has somewhere to grow with. As your child spends more time with the program, the coaches turn into mentors and become more able to recognize and work with your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Do they offer camps?

Immersive camps are a great way to extend learning opportunities that are initially learned in shorter lessons. Plus, camps offer an amazing outlet to make and solidify friendships, and build mentorships within the basketball program. 

Do they offer both house league and competitive team play?

Some kids thrive on competition, while others play just for the fun of it. A basketball program that offers both lines will allow your child to choose where they feel most comfortable and able to grow.

The program should focus on both individual and team basketball skills

Both parts are equally as important when teaching a player. Technical skills like shooting and dribbling are integral to a players skill set, while team skills like passing and memorizing game plays helps them become a strong asset to any team.

Basketball programs that enhance skills and provide a community learning environment will help your child love the sport for years to come. These key items to look for will allow you to choose the best program possible for your child, so that they can thrive in the program.