With sports seasons on pause across the board right now, likely your recreational or rep basketball season has been affected as well. Even though you may be restricted from getting together with your team to work on your skills in person, there are many things you can do to stay on track with your game. From ensuring you stay in tip top shape, to working on your skills and staying motivated to keep moving, there are many things you can do to keep your game progressing until the next season.

Keep Up and Set Aside Practice Time

Though you can’t get together with your team to practice and play regularly now, there are many ways you can work on your basketball game so that when the season starts up again in the fall, you are ready to hit the court.

Who’s working hard during down-time? If it’s you, that means you’re going to come back and show your coaches, teammates and yourself that you made the most of this off-season. If you want to improve and elevate your game, hard work is the answer!

Stay in Shape

Staying on top of your physical activity during the off season is one of the best things you can do for your basketball game. Maintaining your cardio stamina will help ensure that you’ll be able to jump back into the game when your next season starts.

Some easy ways to keep your cardio on track include:

    • Go for a jog
    • Pull out your skipping rope
    • Get on a spin bike
    • Go for a bike ride around the neighbourhood
    • Do jumping jacks
    • Do some HIIT workouts

Maintain and Improve Your Skills

Just because you don’t have a regular team practice doesn’t mean you can’t work on your basketball skills! Picking up your basketball and heading outside or into the basement to work on your dribbling and shooting skills is a great way to keep those on-court skills in check. With so many great YouTube videos to teach some at home dribbling combos, there’s no shortage of practice activities you can do.

Using the internet to help set up some team challenges and practice routines is a great way to help push each other to excel, even if you can’t get together for skill development.

Keep the Motivation Going

The hardest part about ending the ball season early is no doubt going to be finding a way to stay motivated to keep practicing, especially since it’s hard to get out to the parks to shoot some hoops with friends. The internet is an awesome tool that can help you keep that motivation on an upswing, though. Whether it’s watching some of your favourite NBA games, going over your team’s past games, getting together with your team for a video chat and even doing workouts together on video, there are many ways to stay connected with your team and be able to work together to stay motivated.

Teamwork is Key

Just like during a normal basketball season, working with your team is a great way to keep up with your goals and continue the growth of your skills. While many activities you can do to stay in shape, improve your skills and keep your motivation are ones you can easily do on your own, tapping into your teams’ support is a great way to push those aspects one step further. Using video chat, texting and group challenges you can help keep your basketball skills and IQ a high priority though the summer.

A Cancelled Basketball Season Can be YOUR Opportunity

Just because your ball season has been cancelled, doesn’t mean it’s the end of your youth basketball career! Take advantage of the warmer weather and downtime to get outside and focus on some of the skills you may have been struggling with. You know those drills and moves you find the most difficult to do? That’s exactly what to focus on!

Setting daily and weekly goals for yourself (like making 50 baskets per day) can help you push yourself through this plateau and come back onto the court ready to kill it in the fall.