Basketbloggin’ with Coach Matt: Introduction + Steve Nash Videos

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Basketbloggin’ with Coach Matt: Introduction + Steve Nash Videos

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I’m Matt and I am the Head Coach here at Burlington Basketball. You may have seen me in a gym once or twice, pretending to be in charge.

But now, I have been promoted to a new role. Not only am I the Head Coach; I am now the Head Blogger.

Where it All Started

I’ll quickly tell you a little about myself. My basketball journey started at age 5, in the Oakville YMCA league. It culminated with 5 years of riding the bench at Wilfrid Laurier University. Somewhere in between, I developed a love for the game, so when my playing “career” ended, I wanted to get involved in coaching.

Joining Burlington Basketball

I began with Burlington Basketball in 2012, helping out with a 5th grade boys team. My impact on the club was immediate; that team went on to become back-to-back OBA champs, entirely because of my incredible assistant coaching. (First rule of coaching: take all the credit)

A few years later, I was brought on as the Head Coach for the club. My role is to provide as much guidance as I can to the coaches and players of Burlington Basketball. Primarily, you’ll find me running clinics and helping out our volunteer house league coaches at their practices.

Anyway, this blog is definitely not going to be about me. There’s a lot of great basketball knowledge out there on the internet, from coaches and players way smarter than me, that I plan to share with you on this blog.

My Goal as Club Head Coach

My goal is for these posts to become a resource for the members of the Burlington Basketball community. I will be sharing articles, videos, drills etc. that hopefully you’ll find helpful on your basketball journey; whether you’re a player, coach or parent.

Here we go with some things I’d like to share right now! I hope you learn something.


Basketball legend Steve Nash has put out some cool videos on his YouTube channel lately. He recently ran a contest called “Give and Go” where the prize was a 1 on 1 training session with the 2-time NBA MVP. The videos are highly informative and only 3 or 4 minutes each, I’d recommend taking a few minutes to check them out. I was struck by how simple his feedback was, and how similar it was to what I’ve been hearing throughout my life.


On shooting:

  • The most important thing about shooting is doing it every day.
  • Warm up shooting: Exaggerate everything to get warm and reinforce positive movement. Exaggerate the bend.
  • Footwork – the best players have incredible footwork.
  • Get lower – for stability and getting your shot high so it has a better chance of going in.

On practice habits:

  • “If you come on the court, know why you came on the court, and have a goal.”
  • Have a purpose – what are you trying to get better at that day?

Here’s a tip for your players: if Steve Nash thinks something is important, it’s probably important. Are you going into the gym with a goal? Do you know what you are trying to get better at that day? Do you have a focused shooting routine at the start of every practice? If not, that’s fine, but you’re not off to a great start if you really want to improve.

Coaches & parents, you can help players here. Have them define a goal for every practice or every training session. Find out what your players want to get better at, identify it as a goal for the day, and then work on it.

It might seem like nothing, but again… if Steve Nash says it’s important, you believe it!!!

Here’s another Nash video – a 20-minute shooting workout that you can do on your own.

Thanks for reading.




About the Author:

Matt Donnelly is the Head Coach at Burlington Basketball. He will be updating this blog section, "BasketBloggin" regularly with drills, videos and articles that he wants to share with the Burlington Basketball community. Check out and share his posts!

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