We all know that a basketball player doesn’t just wake up one day and play like a pro. It takes years of dedication and practice to get to that point but joining a basketball team and showing up to every practice isn’t all it takes. Becoming a great basketball player actually starts at home! This could be your local schoolyard, park or community centre, too.

When a players’ love of the game is nurtured from a young age at home, they are more likely to grow to love the game, and even become a great player. In Canada, it doesn’t hurt that the hometown team is 2019 NBA Champions! Canadian youth (and adult) interest level since the “the win” is off the charts!

Nurture their game early

At Burlington Basketball, we start having fun right from the get go! From our Jr. NBA program for little ones to house league play, to our FORCE rep program for boys and girls. Get in the game with us!

Kids who start off shooting hoops and having fun in their driveway, without the pressure of having to perform on a real court, are more likely to grow into great players all around. Installing a basketball hoop at home will help your kids hone their skills and become well rounded players who are excited to join a team and further their basketball IQ.

Youth programs are a great starting point

For the average driveway ball player, offering them the chance to join a Jr NBA youth program is the perfect way to improve their skills and introduce them to the feel of playing on a court. Organized youth basketball programs help kids grow their love of the game by teaching real skills in a way that encourages players to both have fun and improve their game.

Intermediate players can benefit from competitive ball

Once a young player has grown his game skills to where he understands the rules and is ready to move into a more competitive space, trying out for a rep team will be the perfect next step. It’s important to follow your players lead in this though, if pushed too hard to compete they might end up pushing back and losing their love of the game. Remind yourself to be one of those parents who cheers from the sidelines, but leaves the coaching to the actual coaches!

Basketball starts with fun

At the end of the day, kids should play basketball because they love it, not because they feel like they have to be an NBA star to please their coaches and parents. When kids step on the court, whether they are playing for a rep league, a house league or just for fun on their driveway, they are taking steps to further their health and fitness which is a win no matter how you look at it! Staying active is an essential habit for kids to grow early so that it becomes something they continue for their whole lives, and incorporating physical activity with something fun like playing basketball helps kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle without even trying.

Driveway basketball can be a great stress reliever

Even if your basketball player is already on a rep team and well on their way to a nice career on the court, having a basketball net at home is a great way for them to continue honing their skills in a way that doesn’t present the same pressures as an organized game or practice. Being able to shoot some hoops after a long day at school, without someone standing beside them shouting plays or correcting their form, can actually help them improve their game skills. Sometimes taking away all the pressure and getting back to the love of the game is the best way to take their game to the next level.

Hooping starts at home!

Installing a basketball net at home and making time to play some pick up ball together is the best way to encourage your child to grow their love of the game and maintain a healthy level of fitness. While you no doubt hope your kids are destined to be the next greatest NBA superstar, the best thing you can do for them is to just encourage them to play, even if it’s just at home in your driveway. You never know where that could lead!