4 Ways Basketball is Excellent for Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing basketball has many benefits, as does playing many youth sports. It’s fun, you make new friends via your teammates, and it’s a great source of exercise. A benefit that’s related to the exercise […]

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Basketbloggin’ with Coach Matt: Introduction + Steve Nash Videos

I’m Matt and I am the Head Coach here at Burlington Basketball. You may have seen me in a gym once or twice, pretending to be in charge.

But now, I have been promoted to […]

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Dave Love Shooting Clinic – Pro Level Shooting Clinic in Burlington

Burlington Ballers: Want to shoot like the pros? Start here!

  • If you want to learn to be a great shooter, it starts in youth basketball. Perfect for beginners to learn proper shooting form […]
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Basketball is more than a Sport, It’s Amazing Exercise

When most people think about exercise and working out, they need some help getting motivated (or get a push!). The best way to go about staying fit is to find a form of exercise that doesn’t […]

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Basketball Participation, Success Surges with Canadian Youth and Newcomers

Basketball is more popular than ever in Canada

The Greater Toronto Area is the epicentre of Canadian basketball and the popularity of the sport is not just growing among Canadian youth, it’s growing globally. The success […]

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15 Practice Rules to Improve as a Basketball Player by UCLA Coach Wooden

At Burlington Basketball, we love sharing great ideas for both coaches and players. We all get better as players (and people) by learning from others. Often, we look to what other coaches are […]

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14 Important Benefits of Sports for Youth Development

Thinking of signing up your boy or girl for sports? Given the tremendous benefits of sports for youth, that’s a smart move. It turns out that children of all ages, whether they’re five years old […]

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