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Basketball Season is Back – It’s Basketball Mania in Burlington!

It’s October, the Raptors are back in Toronto ready to kick off the basketball season, and the excitement in Burlington is building! Yes, for the Raptors but also for our very own home house […]

Back to School Sports – Why they’re so Important

School is in! Getting back into the swing of school life can be a stressful time for kids. After 2 months of no homework, early morning schedule or expectations from teachers, the start of school […]

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Back to School Means Back to the Court – and Stress Relief!

It’s time for basketball! After a fun filled summer of hanging out with friends, relaxing at the outdoor ball court and forgetting that homework is a thing, heading back to school in September can be […]

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House League Basketball – Where Competition Meets Fun!                      

Basketball is a fun sport! No matter what age level or gender, there’s something about a ball and a hoop that attracts all kids to keep trying to make a “swish”.  From shooting with friends after […]

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Changing the Game: Using 3v3 Games to Teach Youth Basketball         

When teaching kids basketball, it’s pretty standard to run drills to improve skills then transition them into game play to put those new skills to use. While great in theory, 3 on 3 player basketball […]

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Girls in Basketball. A Movement in Canada, Success in Burlington

Basketball is quickly becoming a popular and fast-growing sport in Canada. The success of the Toronto Raptors has grabbed the attention of Canadian youth, giving them reason to aspire to one day reach the […]

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Playing Sports: Helping Girls Succeed in all Areas of Life

Traditionally people expect boys to be sports stars, and girls to find something more ‘girly’ to entertain themselves. Thankfully this division is changing and girls in Canada continue to become much more […]

Basketball Programs for Kids – What Should I look for?              

When looking for a basketball program for kids, there are a number of different things to look for to ensure you get the best program for your child. It’s easy to choose a program […]

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