Basketball Lessons Provide Kids Great Life Lessons               

Though sports can provide numerous different physical and mental health benefits for children who play regularly, the positive effects actually go far beyond these ones. Along with health effects, sports like basketball […]

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Can youth playing soccer improve their basketball game?

During their school years many children will end up playing more than one sport. While you may think that it is your duty as a dedicated sports parent to encourage them to pick a […]

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Basketball Fundamentals: Best Way to Teach Basketball to a Child    

When you’ve been playing basketball for awhile it can feel so natural to you that you may even forget how to best teach someone how to play. But when teaching a child how to play […]

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How Exercise Can Improve Children’s Mental Health

Though you may think of physical activity as being something that people to do just to maintain or improve their physical well being, there are actually many mental benefits as well. Kids who take part […]

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Why House League Sports May Be Best for Your Child

When your child starts playing a sport like basketball, they’ll likely start with their local school or neighbourhood team before thinking about trying out for a rep team. Having fun, making friends and getting good […]

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10 Reasons Why Kids (and Parents) Love Basketball       

Playing basketball is often thought of as a fun way to get active and have a good time with friends. In Canada, youth basketball is on the rise. Perhaps it’s a combination of the […]

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Why Parents Coaching & Shouting from the Sidelines is Bad for Kids       

When your kids start playing basketball, there’s no doubt you’ll be excited to go watch them play. It can feel natural to call out instructions and yell your opinions from the sidelines, after […]

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Strength and Conditioning for Youth Basketball: 9 Tips                  

When improving your basketball skills, it’s not just about working on plays on the court or getting your passing game down. Improving your overall strength and ability to play a full game without your […]

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