Basketball is a sport more traditionally played by boys, yet girls basketball interest and participation is growing fast – for good reason! The sport that features agility, quick thinking and sportsmanship is a natural fit for girls who are looking for both a physical game and solid mental benefits.

Top benefits of basketball for girls

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Promotes overall health and fitness

Any sport you play is going to naturally offer many health and fitness benefits, and basketball is no different. From improved heart function, stronger bones and strengthened muscles, playing basketball improves all areas of physical fitness. Whether girls are dribbling, shooting, passing or running the court, both during practice and game time, their bodies are being worked out in a way that it might not be in other sports.

Helps girls form friendships

The game of basketball relies on great communication and teamwork. When girls join a basketball team, they start to form bonds with their teammates that are solidified through team functions and all the time they’ll spend together both on and off the court. Having this ready-made group of peers helps them feel like they have a group where they belong, and can begin to facilitate life-long friendships.

Builds confidence

Nothing builds confidence like mastering a new skill or making an awesome play on the court. When girls are complimented by their team and coach for doing something well, their confidence in their own abilities is increased.

Teaches teamwork

When female players are forced to work together in order to make effective plays and try to win games, they learn very quickly how to work well together. Working to accomplish the same goal helps break down the walls created by differences so that they can bond and really come together.

Offers great stress relief

You may think that kids don’t have to worry about stress, but in reality, the stress levels felt by kids are almost always increasing. Having a sport like basketball to turn to when feeling stressed can help girls learn out to cope with and work through their stressors. The ability to head to the court for practice, game time or even just shooting practice can help take their minds off of any problems for a bit, which in turn can help offer perspective about the situation when they come back to it again.

Teaches quick thinking and good decision-making skills

Any basketball game relies on some quick thinking and decision making. When the ball is coming down the court and there’s 9 other players around you, the need to react quickly and choose which play is the best one is a necessary skill. Not only is this a great skill to have on the field, it’s also beneficial in everyday life, too.

Encourages Self Discipline

Sure, the team coach is there to set practice time and her teammates are around to help her push to do her best on the court, but there is a real benefit to learning self discipline, as well. Having the ability and drive to set personal goals and do what it takes to reach them is a skill that is valuable both within the game and in everyday life.

Girls Basketball Explosion!

While basketball may have been a boys’ sport in years past, there is a growing trend among female athletes who also love the game. With so many benefits for girls who do play the game there is more reason than ever to open it up to female players. Whether your daughter wants to play some serious ball or just put in some free throw time on the driveway, she should be encouraged to go after what interests her.  Basketball is such a great choice, no matter how old she is!