Girls in Basketball. A Movement in Canada, Success in Burlington

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Girls in Basketball. A Movement in Canada, Success in Burlington

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Basketball is quickly becoming a popular and fast-growing sport in Canada. The success of the Toronto Raptors has grabbed the attention of Canadian youth, giving them reason to aspire to one day reach the NBA. In fact, more Canadians are playing in the NBA than ever before! Basketball is especially growing among Canadian girls, and rightfully so. Sports like basketball have been shown to be good for girls’ health and social life for many reasons so it makes sense to help encourage their love of the game.

Here at Burlington Basketball we’ve found one way to open the court to more female youth in the Burlington area with a new program we’ve just started. Keep reading to hear more about how you can get involved and help the girls you know learn more skills and have fun playing ball!

Basketball is great for your girls’ health

There are many benefits that come with girls being active, whether they play team sports or just maintain physical activity. Sports like basketball help keep young girls excited about staying active and fit, which helps boost their overall health.

Team basketball play also helps build confidence and self esteem, so it’s worth it to help girls follow their interests onto the court. Team sports like basketball help girls to foster good relationships with their teammates, which translates to learning how to use the communication skills they’ve learned on the court off of it as well.

Burlington Basketball’s amazing new drop in girls’ program

In April 2018 a brand-new drop in program  kicked off catered specifically to our awesome female athletes. The first week drew a whopping 84 girls from Grades 1-5! That’s amazing, and we’re thrilled with the turnout! We had so many participants show up we’ve even had to split the group up into a couple smaller groups AND organize for more gym time! The huge success of this program means that elementary aged girls will have a great new place to come play the sport they love, learn some new skills and make new friends each week. Since it’s drop in no registration is required and you can pay each week as you go so there is no commitment necessary.

Join the movement – get your girl moving by joining a basketball program near you!

Burlington Basketball is committed to creating quality opportunities for girls, so we’re very excited to see the success of this new drop in program. The sport is growing quickly and the value of this program in the lives of the girls attending will be significant and long lasting. Helping kids to improve their fitness, confidence, and overall health is something that we take great pride in! Not to mention how much we love helping them grow their love of basketball!

Add our drop in sessions to your weekly calendar and bring your girls out to give it a try! As they get comfortable on the court they can think about signing up for one of our regular programs or camps to improve their skills even further.

Grab some friends and head to the court – we’ll see you there (and in Burlington, it’s Thursdays!)

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