Basketball is a fun sport! No matter what age level or gender, there’s something about a ball and a hoop that attracts all kids to keep trying to make a “swish”.  From shooting with friends after school to competing on a rep league, there are competition levels to suit every player. The most common for kids just starting out or those looking to improve their skills is in house league basketball programs. In house leagues, the focus is on skill building, great physical activity while having fun – with a touch of healthy competition!

Why House League Basketball?

In our house league program, we teach kids essential skills, while building relationships, growing work ethic and having fun. We step back from the highly competitive nature of rep leagues and give kids the opportunity to learn in a positive and fun environment, while still giving them the opportunity to challenge themselves in games.

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By definition, sports are competitive but winning doesn’t always need to be the first priority. Before kids can fully immerse in the competition side of the game, there are some key skills they should learn to help make their game the best it can be. Not just skills with the ball, either, but also things like how to work as a team, how to run certain plays, how to increase their stamina for long plays and even good sportsmanship. House league programs offer the ability to focus on building these skills while having fun.

House league basketball also offers the opportunity to work on life skills like self-esteem, self-confidence, commitment, respect, teamwork and discipline. These are skills that will help kids succeed both on and off the court, so deserve the time dedicated to them.

Benefits of House League Basketball

Because house league basketball is less competitive than rep leagues, kids are able to really dive into the fun side of the sport without the stress of possibly letting their team down in a more serious game.

Our coaches teach players the skills they’ll need to play the game and motivate them with positive reinforcement. House league basketball is intended to give all players the time and attention they need to be able to fully develop their game in a space that forgives mistakes and encourages all to participate.

House League vs Rep League

There are a few key differences between house league basketball and rep league. The biggest one is the level of competition. In rep leagues the goal is to win, and kids are expected to be at a higher skill level but in house leagues the kids are proportionately competitive to their age, though fun and learning is the higher focus.

Participation is another main difference. Since the goal in rep leagues is to win, kids are picked to play based on skill level. The benefit to house leagues is that all kids get a fair chance to play.

House league basketball mixes competition and fun

In our house league basketball programs, we work to help kids learn the fundamentals of basketball, while giving them the opportunity to compete in a supportive and fun environment. We focus on the skills needed and using them to enjoy the playing of the game, rather than stressing the competition aspect. Here at Burlington Basketball our coaches know that basketball is about so much more than just winning a game. We want our kids to walk out on the court with the confidence to play and have fun, first and foremost!