NBA Bantam House League Boys Basketball Division

Key Program Details

Who’s it for? Boys ages 12-13 (grades 7-8)

Dates: Friday nights OR Sunday mornings @ Playground Burlington (teams will rotate days throughout the schedule)

Starting October 15th, 2021 until March 5th.

Commitment: 19 Week Program

Cost: $450

REFUNDS: Note that all refunds are subject to a minimal $50 administrative fee. See BB Refund Policy.

Note: Not accepting friend requests for the upcoming season due to fair play and enjoyment for all participants.

The Playground Burlington: 952 Century Dr.

More about this program

The NBA Program is for Boys Aged 10-16. This Bantam Division is for boys in grades 7-8. 

The Bantam Division is for boys in Grades 7-8. The Bantam program runs once a week for 19 sessions. Teams will rotate through either Friday night sessions (6:00pm – 8:00pm) or Sunday morning sessions (10:00am – 12:00pm). A full 2 hour session each week will ensure that skills can develop, while allowing players the opportunity to apply their developing skills in a friendly competition in a true game format. Fair play, teamwork and individual skills we be targeted for improvement, as coaches work to create lasting friendships, memories and a positive experience for all. Each successive year will build on fundamentals learned at earlier ages, but athletes can jump into the continuum at any time with no specific basketball experience. Athletes will quickly improve with coaches focused on developing key fundamental skills.

The progression over 19 sessions will allow athletes to identify weaknesses in their game play and work to correct it during the practice portion of the session week to week. This strategy will develop tremendous confidence at the youth level, allowing for growth towards higher and higher levels of play. 

NBA Bantam Program Highlights:

  • 19 week program, Friday nights OR Sunday mornings @ Playground Burlington (teams will rotate days throughout the schedule)
  • 10-12 Teams Per Division
  • Maximum 10 Players Per Team
  • Mandatory Player evaluations to help determine adequate skill level and balanced teams
  • Man to Man Defense Rules ensure Offensive Skill development of all players
  • Fair Playing Time ensures player development opportunities and encourages practice participation
  • Custom Jersey and Regulation Ball included with Registration
  • Trophies and Awards

The Bantam boys division continues to build skills in practice that are put on full display in weekly games! We’re talking some serious fun and play-making. Teams are assembled to bring boys of all skill levels together for competitive league play. Get in on the game now!