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Boys U14 Capture Silver Medal in Early Season Mini Tournament

Burlington Basketball’s Force U14 Team 1 (Denley) hosted a mini tournament this past weekend, and our boys had a great outing. We thank all eight teams that participated in the tournament and look forward to seeing them again.

Teams & Tournament Results:

  1. Etobicoke – 1st, Gold Medalists

  2. Burlington Force (Denley Team 1) – 2nd, Silver Medalists

  3. […]

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Force Sportswear Now Available – Get in the Spirit for a Limited Time!

Get your Force Spirit Wear Now for the Holidays!

Above is just a sampling of the great Force offerings. Visit our shop portal here to buy – Only til Nov 20!

  • Parents, surprise you’re little all start with a hoodie, t-shirt or gym bag that has a bag holder, too
  • Boys and Girls sizes available
  • […]

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Welcome to the New Website at Burlington Basketball

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the Burlington Basketball website. We’ve packed a lot of information all here and hope that you’ll visit often.



You’ll find it all here first…

  • House league rosters, schedules and results for all divisions

  • Program descriptions and registration […]


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U14 Boys – Burlington Tournament Registration & Info Feb 3-4 2018

DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM > Burlington Force U14 Invitational Form 2018


Download form via link above and submit or simply cut and paste info required (below) into an email and send.

All teams will be guaranteed 4 games and placed in one of two pools of 8. Tournament […]

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A Parent’s First Experience with Steve Nash Youth Basketball

As a basketball dad/parent I thought a great post for the SNYB Blog would be my experience introducing my girls to a local SNYB summer program. And yes, I wouldn’t be writing if it wasn’t a great one. In fact, it prompted me to learn more about the program (and become a contributor!).

First, […]


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WNBA Jr. Playoff Final

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Bianchi Congratulating Player

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