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Teaching Sportsmanship in Youth Sports         

Being a good sport is something that all kids should learn, regardless of what kind of sport they play. These skills are ones that will stick with them for the rest of their lives and carry over into other aspects of their day-to-day life. Good sportsmanship is about more than just shaking hands with […]

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Tips for Teaching Sportsmanship to Youth Basketball Players            

When it comes to teaching young players how to play a sport like basketball, there are many skills that they’ll have to learn in order to succeed on the court. Important skills like passing, shooting, dribbling and moving around with the ball are all things that a well-rounded athlete will need to be good […]

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Should Youth Basketball Players Be Assigned Fixed Positions

When a child first starts playing basketball it’s common for parents (and uninformed coaches) to push them into choosing a position. It’s usually no surprise that many parents want their child to take on a role that will see them scoring points. However, most coaches and professional players agree that the best course of […]

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Selecting a House League Sport – Why Basketball is a Great Choice

As your child becomes interested in playing sports, selecting from local house league sports programs is a great way to start.  They may have a specific sport in mind already or may be open minded to anything fun. If they don’t already have their heart set on something else, basketball is a perfect option […]

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What Should I Look for in a Summer Sports Camp?                    

With most rec leagues paused for the summer you may be on the hunt for a great summer sports camp for your young athlete. But with so many options out there it can be hard to know exactly what to look for in a sports camp. Though a key tenant of summer camp is […]

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Benefits of Fair Playing Time in Youth Basketball

When your child starts playing a sport like basketball, you are no doubt looking forward to cheering them on from the sidelines during game play. However, gone are the days of parents tracking their child’s playing time down to the minute and fighting for their player to get even time on the court. And […]

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What is The Right Size Basketball for My Child’s Age?         

When your child starts playing basketball at school or on an extra curricular team, the equipment is likely provided to them by the school or organization. So, when it comes time to buy them a basketball to further their skills at home and between team practices, you might notice that basketballs come in different […]

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The Many Benefits for Girls in Sports

Playing sports and maintaining a level of regular physical activity has always been a positive thing for people of all ages. Unfortunately, when it comes to many team sports, participation levels seem to reflect that there’s more males participating than females. Particularly approaching high school, participation drop off rates among girls is much greater than […]

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What is the Right Age to Start Playing Competitive Basketball?

When your child starts to show an interest in playing sports it is natural to think about the effects it could have on their lives. Playing a sport has many positive effects on kids of all ages, from improving their social skills to helping them succeed in the classroom. But there is another facet to […]

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