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Can Playing Competitive Basketball Really Be Fun?

While competition is inherent in any sport, most kids don’t set out into the world of competitive basketball because they love competition. Most likely, your young one has decided to give basketball a try because they love the game. As kids learn and develop skills, it can be very tempting to push them into the […]

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North Pole Hoops REPresent League & Burlington FORCE Rep Basketball

Burlington FORCE Announced First as Entrant into NPH REPresent League

The Burlington FORCE boys rep teams – each of the 4 Teams in grades 9 to 12 – are the first to join the NPH rep league circuit. It’s a testament to the quality of the these teams – the players, coaches and commitment to playing […]

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Girls Basketball Growth, Benefits & Fun

Basketball is a sport more traditionally played by boys, yet girls basketball interest and participation is growing fast – for good reason! The sport that features agility, quick thinking and sportsmanship is a natural fit for girls who are looking for both a physical game and solid mental benefits.

Top benefits of basketball for girls

Did […]

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Non-Basketball Benefits of Playing Basketball

When a child plays basketball, it can be fairly easy to see the skill progression that shows just how much they are learning from their time spent practicing. But there are many benefits to playing basketball that actually have nothing to do with the game itself! From physical benefits to mental ones, there are […]

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FORCE U13 Group Brings Home CNExOBA 3×3 Tournament Gold

On Saturday, August 17th, Burlington Basketball showed how it’s quickly becoming the home of strong basketball talent and development. At the second annual CNE x OBA 3×3 Tournament taking place at the OVO Athletic Centre, Burlington U13 Boys brought home the gold medal for first place.

Made-in-Burlington Ball Players Take Gold Among 16 Teams

With a […]

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Canadian Basketball Success Starts at Home            

We all know that a basketball player doesn’t just wake up one day and play like a pro. It takes years of dedication and practice to get to that point but joining a basketball team and showing up to every practice isn’t all it takes. Becoming a great basketball player actually starts at home! This […]

Healthy Competition in Rep Level Youth Basketball

When your athlete gets rewarded for their hard work on the court with a spot on the rep team that they tried out for, your first reaction is likely pride and excitement. As it should be! Making the rep team is a huge accomplishment in the life of a young basketball player. It is often […]

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More Sports Activity, Healthier Brains: Another Reason to Encourage Youth Sport Participation!

Encouraging your child to join a sport when they are young is a pretty common conversation in most households. The physical activity they will get from playing a sport, whether it’s baseball, hockey, soccer or basketball, is likely going to be good for them. As parents we’ve often seen just how well our little […]

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FORCE U15 Boys are OBLX Champs, Earn #1 Rank in Ontario

What a Season, What a Team!

First, U15 Boys enter Top OBLX League

After progressing up many divisions  year after year, the 2019  edition of our 2004 FORCE rep boys made it to the elite Ontario Basketball League (OBL) division – “OBLX”. The “can we compete” question ended with a “this team can’t be beat” […]

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FORCE U14 Boys Take Home Division 10 Gold

From tryouts to a Golden Finish for U14 Boys!

Burlington Force U14 Team Bennett’s season began with tryouts this past July and ended with an Ontario Cup Gold Medal in Division 10 (of 19) this past weekend in Ottawa!

Hard Work Pays Off

The team jumped a division early in the season and rose in the OBA rankings […]

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