Good Day House League Families:

My Name is Chris Dodd and I am the Board Chair for Burlington Basketball.  You are receiving this letter today because you participated in our house League this past basketball season.  I wanted to take the time to thank you for participating and being an active club member.  Our house league has been the Hallmark of our basketball community for many years.  This past season saw the house league experience some challenges that were new to the club and despite our best efforts, some of these challenges ultimately affected our ability to deliver the kind of basketball experience that we endeavour to provide.  We are in the process of making a number of changes to address the challenges we faced.  We are looking at all aspects of the program and doing a full review, in that light we want to engage those that are the most important stakeholders in the House League program: the players and their families.  I wish to invite you to an open house and town hall discussion concerning our House League program.  This open house will take place:

Wednesday April 24, 2019 | Haber Recreation Centre  @ 7:00 PM

At this meeting, members of the Burlington Basketball Board of Directors, Operations staff and House League representatives will be available to hear your input surrounding your experience and any suggestions you have to strengthen the program moving forward.  The Board of Directors are absolutely committed to creating the best House League experience possible for all involved.  This is the first step in a strategic planning process that will produce what we hope is a meaningful and expertly administered league for players of all ages.

Please consider joining us that evening and sharing your ideas for a House League program that meets the needs of our community.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Chris Dodd

Board Chair

Burlington Basketball