Refunds will be given if a written request form is received and acknowledged by Burlington Basketball in accordance with the policy below:

  • Full refund less an administrative fe.e of $50 if the refund request is received prior to the first scheduled program session.
  • 50 percent refund up to 2 weeks after the first session date. No refund 2 weeks after the first session date.
  • Exceptions will be considered due to injury (with a Doctor’s note) or other extraordinary circumstances.

Medical Forms

As part of the registration process, there will be questions related to your child’s health. It is important as the parent/guardian provide complete information with the required details for the health and safety of your child.

Player Participation Policy/Rule:

When registering with Burlington Basketball House Leagues or SNYB Programs, the

Parent/guardian is stating that the player being registered will not be playing REP basketball with any club, other than Burlington Basketball between September 1st  2015 and June 30th 2016.

Failure to comply with this Participation Rule will cause the immediate removal of the player from the program with NO REFUND being issued.

Please note our REFUND Policy as noted.

(If an exemption is requested, that can be initiated by emailing

[email protected]a with your request prior to your registration.)

Reasoning behind Policy:

Playing REP:

Burlington Basketball Force are the ONLY Rep teams affiliated and supported by Burlington

Basketball.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Space Philosophy of our House League Programs:

Burlington Basketball attempts to provide as many UNIQUE Basketball playing opportunities for

Burlington Youth as possible. This policy maximizes those spaces.

Gym/Coach Limitations:

Burlington Basketball has access to a limited number of gyms and volunteers to accommodate our house

league programs and 1200(+) players.  These limitations are outside the control of Burlington Basketball. This policy maximizes the use of gym time and reduces the demands on Coach volunteer time.

Athlete Development Model (ADM):

Burlington Basketball House League and Panthers programs are created to work in harmony as part of the

Burlington Basketball Athlete Development Model (ADM).  This Model reflects years of research and testing not only by Burlington Basketball but also is reflective of the LTAD m) and its’ associated recommendations.

This policy ensures the club can supervise our ADM and it’s implementation.

Coaching Philosophy/Injury:

Burlington Basketball House League, SNYB and Rep coaches have a “common” goal and athlete development philosophy for any player registered with Burlington Basketball.  This “common” philosophy means any of our players can play both House League and Rep without the issues of player confusion on skills development or the overtaxing of a young athletes body.

This policy ensures the club revises its’ policies to best support its’ players.

Burlington Basketball Complaint Procedures for Members

Complaints should first be brought to attention of involved coach, staff member or Board member with objective of working to discuss and resolve the problem.

If the compliant / issue is still unresolved, a formal compliant can be made by completing a BB Complaint Form and submitting this by mail or email to the Club Secretary.  The complaint will include all of the following information;

  • Your name and contact information
  • Dates of the issue
  • Chronology of events, conversations or correspondence
  • Sufficient detail about the complaint to allow for a thorough investigation/review including witnesses (if they exist) to event/incident
  • A proposed resolution

What is a valid complaint?

We will always formally investigate a complaint if it is …

  • A clear expression of dissatisfaction about the Burlington Basketball and its program standards
  • A clear violation of club values or vision

What happens after I submit my complaint?

  • Aim to address as quickly as possible
  • Acknowledged within 3 days of receipt
  • A record will be made of each complaint which will be copied to the Club President and Secretary
  • Brought to impartial Issue Resolution (IR) Committee made of Club Secretary, Club President and the Director of Coaching Development.
  • Treated with appropriate confidentiality
  • Objective to find fair, positive resolution that will resolve issue and appease situation

Stages of Complaints Investigation

  • Investigation
    • Review compliant – assess evidence
    • Be thorough
    • Seek truth – establish facts
  • Assessment
    • Written response
    • Take prompt – appropriate action to address
    • Remediation – fair, thorough, even-handed, principled
    • Act with / or without Board approval?
    • Complainant – if not satisfied – option to request Board review within X days
  • Board Review
    • May lead to request to face-to-face meeting with complainant, witnesses, IR Committee
    • Board or President to provide written response without further appeal
    • IR and Board committed to learning from process and remediation