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2018 FORCE Rep Teams Tryout Schedule

Burlington Force Rep Basketball

Please register online, payment of $25 for tryouts MUST BE MADE ONLINE prior to the tryout.

Age GroupBirth YearCoachTryout DatesTryout TimesLocation
U10 Girls2009-2010Jeff BoelhouwerJune 3rd2:30-4:00 PMHABER GYM 1/2
U10 Girls2009-2010Jeff BoelhouwerJune 10th8:30-10:00 AMHABER GYM 1/2
U10 Boys2009-2010Emuss/ BurnsJune 3rd11:30-1:00 PMHABER GYM 7/8
U10 Boys2009-2010Emuss/ BurnsJune 10th1:00-2:30 PMHABER GYM 7/8
U11 Girls2008Elise AdolpheJune 3rd10:00-11:30 AMHABER GYM 1/2
U11 Girls2008Elise AdolpheJune 10th1:00-2:30 PMHABER GYM 1/2
U11 Boys2008Derek SharpeJune 3rd10:00-11:30 AMHABER GYM 7/8
U11 Boys2008Derek SharpeJune 10th11:30-1:00 PMHABER GYM 7/8
U12 Girls2007Peter WhitemanJune 3rd11:30-1:00 PMHABER GYM 1/2
U12 Girls2007Peter WhitemanJune 10th11:30-1:00 PMHABER GYM 1/2
U12 Boys2007Brendan NoonanJune 16th8:30-10:00 AMHABER GYM 5/6
U12 Boys2007Brendan NoonanJune 17th8:30-10:00 AMHABER GYM 5/6
U13 Girls2006Rob SteinerJune 3rd1:00-2:30 PMHABER GYM 1/2
U13 Girls2006Rob SteinerJune 10th10:00-11:30 AMHABER GYM 1/2
U13 Boys2006Vern LucykJune 3rd8:30-10:00 AMHABER GYM 7/8
U13 Boys2006Vern LucykJune 10th10:00-11:30 AMHABER GYM 7/8
U14 Girls2005Cam BesselingJune 3rd8:30-10:00 AMHABER GYM 1/2
U14 Girls2005Cam BesselingJune 10th2:30-4:00 PMHABER GYM 1/2
U14 Boys2005Joel GartonJune 3rd1:00-2:30 PMHABER GYM 7/8
U14 Boys2005Joel GartonJune 10th8:30-10:00 AMHABER GYM 7/8
U15 Boys2004DENLEYSeptember 9th10:00-11:30AMTANSLEY WOODS
U15 Boys2004DENLEYSeptember 15th10:00-11:30AMTANSLEY WOODS
U16 Boys2003FUCA/STRATFORDSeptember 9th2:30-4:30PMTANSLEY WOODS
U16 Boys2003FUCA/STRATFORDSeptember 15th2:30-4:30PMTANSLEY WOODS


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