As your child becomes interested in playing sports, selecting from local house league sports programs is a great way to start.  They may have a specific sport in mind already or may be open minded to anything fun. If they don’t already have their heart set on something else, basketball is a perfect option for many reasons! Basketball is a great starter sport for kids of all ages, whether they are born-to-be athletes or are just interested in having fun and getting some regular physical activity while making new friends.

Basketball is a great choice for house league sports

At Burlington Basketball, we’re proud to run a huge house league program that is Halton Regions’ biggest and longest running! For boys, girls from ages 5 and up – we’re here to play!

There are many reasons why basketball is an excellent starting point for young athletes. From physical benefits to social ones, joining a basketball team will have your young athlete eager to get to practice each week.

There are major heart health benefits

Cardio exercise is an essential activity for people of all ages and basketball certainly delivers! Whether in practice or game time, players spend anywhere from several minutes during game play to nearly an hour in practice running up and down the court. Learning how to pace themselves from a young age will not only help them excel on the court, but also to maintain a great heart health routine as they grow older.

Basketball is a whole-body workout

When players are running up and down the court, jumping to shoot a basket, dribbling and catching the ball or focusing on blocking an opposing player, they are putting their entire body to work.

It offers great social opportunities

Both on the court and off, joining a basketball team provides many opportunities for athletes to make friends. Teammates will get to know each other through practices, bus trips, team gatherings and game play, often leading to relationships that will last years to come.

Great balance of competition and fun

Basketball offers kids an excellent mix of competition and fun for kids of all ages. If kids aren’t ready to jump into a more competitive level, they can play house league ball all the way through to adulthood. This allows players to enjoy the competition during game play, but also focus on fun at the same time.

Ability to cross over into other sports

The skills learned in basketball are often ones that will help athletes move over into other sports as well. The ability to keep your eye on your teammates and know when to pass or shoot will be useful in sports like soccer, hockey and football while fast footwork can translate to dance, track or cheerleading.

Teaches excellent hand/eye/foot coordination

Most sports teach players how to use multiple skills at the same time, and basketball is no different. The skills needed to dribble, run, shoot and pass all while keeping an eye on their teammates are best developed young, so starting kids on a house league team early is a great way to ensure they develop a well-rounded skills portfolio.

It’s a low investment sport

Unlike hockey or football that require an expensive set of pads and specialized footwear, basketball only requires the purchase of a ball and some running shoes.

Basketball allows for creativity

Though there are specific rules that players have to follow during a game, how they actually play the game allows for quite a bit of creativity. Their running, shooting, dribbling and playing style is completely their own to figure out what works for them.

Growing interest base in Canada

Hockey may be the national sport of Canada but basketball is quickly growing in popularity. More and more local leagues are starting up, making it much easier to find a team, rep league or summer camp to join than it was several years ago.

Getting active is the important thing

Regardless of what kind of sport kids want to play, creating great habits involving physical activity is something you want to start when kids are young, so they can incorporate those habits into their daily lives as they grow older. When your kids are ready to start playing sports, basketball is an excellent one to start with!