With most rec leagues paused for the summer you may be on the hunt for a great summer sports camp for your young athlete. But with so many options out there it can be hard to know exactly what to look for in a sports camp. Though a key tenant of summer camp is how much fun kids will have, there are no doubt some other points that a great summer camp should hit during the week too.

Top things to look for in a summer sports camp

Burlington Basketball checks all the boxes for sports camps! We’re Halton’s largest basketball organization and have served the community since 1973. As a non-profit organization, we put the kids and community first above all.

When choosing the best summer sports came there are many things to consider. From how much time is spent developing skills to what kind of meal plans are included or encouraged, these factors can help you decide whether you’ve found the right camp for your family.

1. Is open to all skill levels

Summer camps that are accepting of all levels of skill and athleticism are going to be much more fun for all kids attending. A sports camp with various sessions that are suited to multiple levels will ensure that campers will be in a group that is best suited to their skill level.

2. A good mix of learning and fun

The ultimate goal of summer camp is for kids to have fun and make friends. When looking for a great summer sports camp you want to ensure that the learning is well balanced with opportunities for fun and games so that they come home eager to return the next year (or next month!).

3. Plenty of physical activity

From running on the court to swimming or playing tag, a great summer camp will have plenty of opportunity for attendees to stretch their legs and give their hearts a good workout (and not to mention make them sleep well each night!).

4. Focused on skill development and game play

Though fun is a hugely important part of a kids’ summer camp, a great sports camp will also dedicate time to working on skill development and playing the game with attendees. A week-long camp naturally isn’t going to turn anyone into a star but there should be plenty of time for kids to hone a couple skills that will help them develop their overall game during camp tournaments or mini games.

5. Plenty of time to build relationships and practice teamwork

One of the most important skills in basketball is how a player gets on with their teammates so having time to develop these relationships both on and off the court is essential. Improving individual skills is great, but unless a player can work well with their teammates, they won’t go to much use.

6. Great facilities

From space to eat lunch to the court they’ll be playing basketball on, the on-site facilities will play a significant role in choosing a great summer sports camp.

7. Number of coaches and leaders present

The camper to coach ratio is an important thing to ask when checking out your local sports camp. The greater the ratio, the less time that coaches will have to dedicate to each camper to help them develop their skills. It can also be a safety concern if there are too many attendees and not enough adults keeping track of them.

8. Good safety procedures

The presence of a first aid kit and first aid trained staff, a complete emergency plan and a regular plan to check-in campers will help parents breath easy while kids are away at camp.

Include your child in the decision

When it comes down to choosing the perfect summer sports camp, your child might already have one in mind. If they play on a rec team that hosts a summer camp or have school friends that already attend one locally, it makes sense to look into these camps first off. Your child is more likely to have fun and develop important skills if they are already comfortable with the kids they are playing with and the people who are leading the camp.